Who we Are and What we Do

What is the Krishna Community Project, and how fits Bhakti Yoga Academy into it? We already have various educational institutes within ISKCON which take care of Sastric education. And what’s the point of having another?

Krishna Community is a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the ISKCON Community internationally. And the Bhakti Yoga Academy is its first online project facilitating teachers to bring their Bhakti knowledge and experience to an international body of interested devotees.

Bhakti Yoga Academy is an online community that functions like a spiritual marketplace. We provide teachers and students with tools to effectively teach and learn in an online community environment.

As this community grows, more teachers share courses for students to choose. Likewise, teachers have a more significant devotee body to convey their knowledge and experience. Tutors can present their teachings for free or against a donation. And there is no limit on instructors offering, e.g., the same Bhakti-sastri courses or any other Sastric course in any language. We are the only devotee provider that allows tutors to do so.

There is no system fee to share your free course. Check our pay-out terms if you want a donation for your teaching.

Why only Sastric Courses?

Off-the-shelf eLearning content is widely available for devotees who want to enter the job market. Providers such as Skillsoft or any MOOC providers have a vast course library built by professionals for professionals, and that’s not how we want to place ourselves.

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