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  1. Read the Course Introduction (download PDF) for instructions on how to ask questions or submit feedback for this course.
  2. Read the following sections of the Student’s Handbook for Graduate Course on Book Distribution (download PDF):
    • pp. 5-7 – Principles and Values of Book Distribution
    • p. 8 – The 7 Purposes of ISKCON
    • p. 9 – The Aims of Book Distribution
    • p. 13 – The Purposes of Training and Education for Book Distributors

  1. Take the Principles and Values Assessment (download PDF) to see how the principles and values of book distribution currently apply to you and identify opportunities for growth. Assess yourself on how successfully you apply yourself to each item. On a paper or notepad, ring one number for each from 0 (terrible) to 10 (excellent). A score of 5 is average. Put 5 if one item doesn’t apply to you (e.g. if you don’t drive). Add up your total. Choose the items with the 2 lowest scores, and ask someone for help to improve them.

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