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Online Course on Book Distribution

Learn the art of distributing Srila Prabhupada’s books. For the first time ever, we are happy to offer the classic: Graduate Course on Book Distribution and Sankirtan Leadership as a free online course for all participants. Looking for a way to improve your preaching and book distribution? This online course…

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ISKCON Disciple Course (Self-Paced)

The ISKCON Disciple Course is an online training program that deepens devotees understanding of guru-tattva and guru padasraya within the multiple guru environment of ISKCON. Designed for new devotees preparing to take initiation in ISKCON, the course is also recommended for leaders, preachers, councilors and educators in ISKCON. The course…

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I have given you the ideas. Now you give the shape.

The thoughts of My pure devotees dwell in Me, their lives are fully devoted to My service, and they derive great satisfaction and bliss from always enlightening one another and conversing about Me.
Bhagavad-gita 10.09

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Who we Are and What we Do

What is the Krishna Community Project, and how fits Bhakti Yoga Academy into it? We already have various educational institutes within ISKCON which take care…

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Bhagavad-gita Daily

Bhagavad-gita Daily
2. 64: But a person free from all attachment and aversion and able to control his senses through regulative principles of freedom can obtain the complete mercy of the Lord. 2. 65: For one thus satisfied [in Krishna consciousness], the threefold miseries of material existence exist no longer; in such satisfied consciousness, one’s intelligence is soon well established.
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Daily Krishna Nama Quotes

Hari Nama
The first result of chanting the maha-mantra, Hare Krishna, is that dirt is cleared from the consciousness, or the mirror of the mind, and then at once the blazing fire of material existence is over [Srimad Bhagavatam, 3.26.61 Purport by Srila Prabhupada].
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